Where you live matters

Did you miss the “This American Life” from a couple of weeks ago entitled “House Rules” ?

I did, but when I finally listened a few days ago while running on a treadmill, I practically fell off the thing. Part of me was shocked at what I was hearing; the other part wanted to somehow make it mandatory listening for every person in America.

Just listen to the first 30 minutes, and you will learn why where we live matters more than any other factor in our lives. Our cancer rates, our safety, and certainly the quality of our children’s education depends more heavily on our address than on anything else.

Just a few of the factors that shocked me: that we still allow local taxes to fund schools, an inequity that is really just modern-day segregation. Also, I was reminded about redlining, and shocked to learn that its true creator was none other than the federal government! And one more: I became a fan of a Romney. (Senior, that is).

Listen. It matters.