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“Heartland Love Story: This is what your government would tear asunder”

 May, 2013

Think anyone who marries an American automatically receives a green card? Ines Torres and Kathy McGroarty-Torres taught me otherwise. A little-known immigration policy piece, wrapped in a tender love story.


“Connecting Science to Care”

February, 2013

I love the challenge of writing for the Orthopaedic Research and Education Fund, because it taps into two of my strengths: theability to explain complex issues clearly, and my knack for uncovering the compelling human angle.




“A New Mother’s Journey — Full of Hope”

February, 2010

Hope Firsel’s journey to motherhood via surrogacy is both inspiring and humbling, and I was thrilled it could reach Oprah’s vast online audience.




“My Baby Had a Stroke”

September, 2010

This story holds a special meaning for me. It was my first national publication — Parents Magazine — and it was the first time I had written about such a personal experience. That little guy is now in elementary school!



How Long Will I Cry? Voices of Youth Violence

I became a Managing Editor and Contributor to this powerful book of multilayered personal narratives of those who have been impacted by Chicago’s dramatically high rate of youth violence. The book is available for free to schools, community groups, and individuals nationwide.


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