Who is Lisa Applegate?

journalist/storyteller: adj.

  1. Someone skilled at research, interviewing, analysis and organization who can create clear, precise writing;
  2. A person who uncovers the jewel in a story that is both unique and universal, and can convey that precious element through vivid prose;
  3. One with writing chops.

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global citizen/local activist: verb

  1. A person who has allowed her time overseas to shape her perspective;
  2. Someone unabashedly concerned about her neighbors;
  3. One who can focus locally, but write about what it means globally.


mother/daughter: noun

  1. Raising two boys has humbled me to the ground, and lifted me to heights of kindness and insight. It all makes great fodder for stories;
  2. Helping to care for aging parents while long distance is a whole new basket of humility. I am just learning to carry it.
  3. Firmly sandwiched in life’s emotional roller coaster, trying to hang on, pen in hand.




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